“I am a pet dog trainer.  Helping you and your dog understand each other, to live happily together and to teach your dog to be a well mannered member of your family is what I offer. “

Janesville Dog Trainer

Bridget Davies is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed

Welcome to JanesvilleDogTrainer.Com. My name is Bridget Davies and I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed.  I’ve been training dogs of all shapes and sizes for over two decades. I’ve come to realize that most people simply want their dogs to be a respectable member of their family with good manners. To achieve that, I use Positive Reinforcement Methods of training and I’d love the opportunity to work with you and your pet.

Before you choose a dog trainer, ask yourself these questions:
What do I want my dog to achieve?
What behavior do I want my dog to stop?
What happens when my dog gets it right?
What happens when my dog gets it wrong?

  •     I offer hands-on private in-home training and behavior modification
  •     I use Positive Reinforcement Training Methods creating stronger bonds between dog and owner
  •     I teach owners how to communicate with their dogs in a positive and effective way that will leave both owner and dog feeling successful
  •     I’ll help you and your dog address its issues, teach you and your dog how to prevent bad behavior and encourage good manners
Bridget Davies and Sophia Yin, DVM

Bridget Davies and Dr. Sophia Yin at an Animal Behavior Conference

Typically I’ll work with you and your pet in your home as that is generally where they’ll exhibit their bad habits. I also work with groups (Click here for rates.)

To help you achieve your goals with your pets, I’ll use the skills I’ve acquired via the following training and accreditations:

Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certified
AKC Advanced CGC Certified
AKC Star Puppy Certified
Mentor Animal Behavior College (ABC)
Professional Member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin
Proud Member of the Association for Force Free Professionals
I am an Associate Certified Animal Behavior Consultant via Internal Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).
Please take a few minutes to browse my site and then call or email me to schedule your training session. Click here for my Contact information.

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Bridget Davies is dedicated to improving the lives of animals and the people who work with them. She is an Authorized Mentor Train with the Animal Behavior College

Bridget Davies Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Bridget Davies Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed

Bridget Davies is a Professional Member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin 2015

Bridget Davies is a Professional Member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin 2015

Bridget DaviesForce Free Professionals

Bridget Davies is a Proud Member of The Association for Force Free Professionals


Bridget Davies is a Professional Member of force free trainers of wisconsin

Bridget Davies is a Professional Member of force free trainers of wisconsin







“To change behavior I focus on rewarding desirable behavior and removing rewards for undesirable behavior.”

Diane Novak Foster Program Coordinator

Diane Novak Foster Program Coordinator
Friends Of The Animal Shelter (FOTAS) Ashland, OR

” Wow, when Bridget first asked if I would write a few lines about what she did here in Ashland, related to our 4 legged friends I thought, sure that will be easy.  Then I sat down and started thinking and listing all of the amazing things she accomplished. She is the one doing all of the work, and I can’t even begin to write it all.

      It began by her becoming a foster mom for the Friends of the Animal Shelter of Jackson County.  I am the foster pet coordinator. She already had a ton of experience and she was willing to take on the more challenging cases. She became a midwoof (helped birth) three different sets of puppy litters. She allowed me to be there when this particular momma gave birth during normal waking hours.

       For me personally, I had adopted a Bichon with fear issues and separation anxiety. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep him between work and not being able to even fold laundry without scaring him. ONE, just ONE visit from her at my home, teaching me, helping me understand, what is fine and what to work on on how to work on it…and we lived happily ever after.

     Her amazing dog training skills helped her be hired at the animal shelter to head the PIT CREW, working with larger dogs teaching them skills to help them become adoptable. She also was given the task of going to visit a home that had a new dog adoption to  help with the settling in process.  Bridget also gave other foster homes support when needed, whether it be the foster dog being introduced to the other animals in the household, to training the foster parent and animal. She was great at evaluating a dog to find out what the dog’s particular issues were. I watched her do this with two pitbulls in my backyard.

    Bridget has saved so many lives.  I feel so lucky to have known her. I miss her and that special touch she has with both 4 legged and two legged critters.” Diane Novak FOTAS – Ashland, OR

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Megan Skeffington, DVM Chief of Staff Banfield Pet Hospital

 “As a veterinarian, being able to consult with and refer to a reputable trainer is a priceless asset. Bridget is a patient and knowledgable trainer that spends time listening to your behavior concerns and observing your pet before making her recommendations for a training program. It was an honor to work with her as she did amazing work with all of my patients from simple to the most complex of cases.” 

Megan E. Skeffington, DVM
Chief of Staff
Banfield, Pet Hospital
609 Troy-Schenectady Rd.
Latham, NY 12110




“I have a pit bull mix (Tyson) that I inherited from a friend. Tyson has anxiety and insecurity issues. It’s not his fault, he just wasn’t socialized.

I felt that if I didn’t do something someone was going to get bit. I had an incident where a neighborhood dog charged Tyson. Luckily the dog didn’t get attacked.

I received Bridget’s contact number from a friend. I immediately felt very comfortable speaking with her. It’s worth noting that I spoke with another dog trainer prior to Bridget and I just didn’t like the guys method or attitude. Working together with he and I just wasn’t going to happen.

Bridgett came directly to my house to work with us. I don’t recall the exact number of sessions that we worked together but I believe it to have been less than a dozen. I always felt that she was training me so that I could train him, and she did an incredible job. It was all about patience and positive reinforcement. She got together with us once every 2 to 3 weeks and I just did my homework in between. Every session included handouts and good explanations.
To say the least I went from a dog that was semi-uncontrollable to a dog that I have no concerns with being around small children and babies. He is even able to be around my dad’s cat, which I thought never would happen.

I hadn’t worked with Bridget for about eight months now and today she came over to do an introduction with another dog. We used this is an opportunity for a tuneup. I have not introduceTysond Tyson to another animal other than that cat. The cat’s pretty lazy. The dog he needed to meet is high-energy because it’s a puppy. I knew there was no way I would do this without her help. I was nervous, but it went amazing.
Thank you Bridgett!”